Highly dynamic
economic centre
with an ocean-going port


Rotterdam is home to Europe’s largest ocean-going port

Rotterdam has a population of around 665,000, making it the second largest city in the Netherlands after the capital Amsterdam. The country is small in terms of area and is characterised by its superb coastal location. Its GDP of just under €50,000 per capita makes it one of the economically strongest countries in the EU.

Rotterdam is Europe’s most dynamic economic centre with an ocean-going port and the architectural stronghold of the Netherlands. The city owes its nickname “Manhattan on the Maas” to the many unconventional buildings.

The city is surrounded by a dense motorway network but is optimally accessed via the many local and high-speed rail services.

Central Post is located right next to the central railway station

It is just a one minute walk from Central Post to Rotterdam’s new central railway station. From here there are swift connections to all important destinations within Rotterdam and the Netherlands. There is a well-developed public transport system including a high-speed underground railway and an extensive network of bus routes and tram lines.

Central Post marks the northern extreme of the CBD, which borders directly onto the city centre to the south. In the immediate vicinity are a multitude of hotels, restaurants, cafés and convenience stores. The pedestrian zone Oude Binnenweg is just 10 minutes away, with its wide-ranging shopping and restaurant scenes.