Around 40 years of asset management experience

Hannover Leasing

Successful and experienced asset manager

The properties managed by HANNOVER LEASING as part of its asset management activities comprise mainly commercial properties such as

  • office and administration buildings
  • retail properties/shopping centres
  • specialised properties.

HANNOVER LEASING lays great store by professional asset management throughout the entire life cycle of a property investment. This is based on the comprehensive real estate sector expertise of the asset managers and their detailed knowledge of the various markets.

Asset Manager

The HANNOVER LEASING group is one of the leading providers of investments in tangible assets in Germany and has been conceiving structured financing and participation opportunities for private and institutional investors for around 40 years.

HANNOVER LEASING GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1981 and has existed in its current format since 1996.

It manages over 200 closed-ended funds and public funds which were conceived and placed before the KAGB (Capital Investment Code) came into force in 2013, and is also responsible for their asset management.

With its subsidiary company HANNOVER LEASING Investment GmbH, the group has all the necessary pre-requisites for conducting its business including its function as a KVG (capital management company) in accordance with the requirements of the KAGB. As a KVG, HANNOVER LEASING Investment now offers the full range of open and closed-ended special AIF funds for institutional and semi-institutional investors as well as public AIFs for private investors. HANNOVER LEASING has launched and successfully placed 13 AIFs since 2014.

Track record

Vancouver Building


Covent Garden




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Blaak 8


International competence in asset management

HANNOVER LEASING has had its own branch office in the Netherlands since 2019. This enables it to optimise its service spectrum for its local investors and provide them with tailored services on the ground. In the real estate asset class, HANNOVER LEASING has managed a total investment volume of €11.0 billion since 1990.

HANNOVER LEASING currently manages real estate assets worth around €5.3 billion. This also includes around €1.0 billion worth of funds which have already sold their assets or company shares, but whose liquidation phase has not yet been fully completed. The assets include Dutch and foreign properties which are typically held by operative property companies. They also include properties in Germany which are managed and operated on the basis of public private partnerships (PPPs) and for which HANNOVER LEASING also provides asset management services.

Real estate asset management service spectrum

Concept-driven supervision and implementation of real estate investments
Commercial and technical property management of the properties and “propcos”
Management and controlling of external service providers such as property management and facility management companies
Letting management
Management of leasing partners and tenants
Liquidity management
Securing financing and management and conclusion of loan agreements
Risk management
Co-ordination of participants as part of PPP projects and regular contract controlling and reporting
Ongoing observation of the investment markets
Review and initiation of sales (asset deals, share deals)